Different Types of Home Windows from Phil Beaulieu & Sons

Replacing old, drafty windows with new vinyl or wood windows from Phil Beaulieu & Sons in Chicopee, Massachusetts ,is one of the best ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency. It also enhances your home’s beauty and your own style, while offering one of the best returns on investment.

No matter what your tastes or the style of your home, you’ll find the perfect match from our wide selection of replacement windows. Compare some of the different types of home windows we offer.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top, allowing them to open outward from the bottom. They’re easy to open and close and perfect for ventilation even during light rainstorms without letting outside debris inside your home. They also tightly close, making them an energy efficient choice.

Bay & Bow Windows

Similar in design, bay and bow windows combine three or more windows that angle out beyond your home’s walls. This gives exteriors a more stylish look, while making small interiors appear larger. Bay windows typically have three window panels with a larger picture window in the center and bow windows tend to have four or five panels consistent in size. Individual panels may be fixed or operable, depending on your needs.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are side mounted and swing open from the left or right. Utilizing full flip nesting hardware allows you to open them at a 90-degree angle and clean exterior window panes from inside your home. Since the entire window opens, they offer excellent air ventilation.

Double Hung Windows

Unlike single hung windows, double hung windows have upper and lower operating sashes that move up and down. This allows you to open the top, bottom or both parts of the window for superior air ventilation. Some double hung windows are designed to allow tilting sashes, making it possible to clean them from the inside of your home.

Energy Star Windows

Replacing old windows with Energy Star certified home windows lowers your energy bills and reduces greenhouse emissions. Ours meets or exceeds all Massachusetts building codes and Energy Star ratings.

Hopper Windows

Hopper windows are similar to awning windows, but they’re hinged at the bottom and open inward. They’re popular choices for small spaces, especially in basements and bathrooms. Since they open completely, they provide better air ventilation, but also close tightly for energy efficiency.

We also offer fixed windows, storm windows, basement windows, new construction windows, octagon windows, porch windows, double and triple pane windows and designer glass style windows. Phil Beaulieu & Sons Home Improvement specializes in window replacement and window installations in Western Massachusetts. Schedule an appointment to let us evaluate your window needs and we’ll provide you with a free estimate.