Low-slope And Flat Roofing Services

flat roofsLow-slope and flat roofing systems offer an inexpensive alternative to traditional sloped roofs, making them a favorite choice for commercial buildings and certain residential applications such as porches and garages. As advanced materials and techniques for low-slope roofs evolve, they’ve become increasingly common in general residential construction.

Flat And Low-slope Roofs

There are quite a few options when looking at low-slope and flat roofing systems. Certain contractors will specialize in specific systems, while others will match any system to the project at hand. A few common solutions used for low-slope and flat roofs include:

  • Modified bitumen sheet membranes
  • Built-up roof, or BUR
  • Thermoplastic membranes made from materials such as PVC
  • EPDM rubber membranes
  • Spray polyurethane foam, or SPF

While cheap BUR tar-and-gravel roofs were once the overwhelming flat-roof solution of choice, the advantages of thermoplastic and rubber membranes greatly outweigh any cost advantage in many applications.

Why Go With A Flat Or Low-slope Roof?

There are a few key advantages to flat roofs, some of which carry over to low-slope roofs. First and foremost, you must consider the cost advantage. From materials to labor, a flat roof or a roof with a light slope will be cheaper to construct. It can be installed faster and with a smaller team than a sloped roof.

The second key advantage is the use of the flat space for HVAC units, extra space in finished attics, easier access to gutters, and various similar considerations. This can lead to a reduction in costs over time beyond the initial installation, as subsequent installations of equipment on your roof becomes easier.

Installations And Repairs From Phil Beaulieu And Sons

We offer complete roof repair, installation and replacement services for flat and low-slope roofs. Our contractors combine thorough training, years of experience and the best tools to produce a superior installation backed by a 10-year warranty.

Why Choose Beaulieu And Sons Home Improvement?

The improved cost-efficiency of low-slope roof systems comes at a price — without proper installation by a competent team, you’re at a higher risk of leaks and damage than with a traditional sloped roof. This makes it crucial to work with expert contractors familiar with the finer nuances of flat and low-slope projects.

We offer a stress-free experience from beginning to end, with on-site supervisors ready to answer questions and minimize problems from beginning to end.

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