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hail damage to the roof and siding

‚ÄúDamage to this home's roof and siding was caused by the recent hail storms in Northern, CT & Western, MA"

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Hail Damage Is a Necessary & Critical Roof Repair  & Siding Repair

Hail Damage can progress and cost you even more! 

Repairing or replacing a roof or siding from hail and other storm related damage not only protects your home from further problems, it increases the curb appeal of your property.

PBHI has multiple crews of experienced roofers and siding installers available to work on various projects. Our areas of expertise include, replacement windows, porches & decks, front & back door entryways and chimney repair. 

If high winds, ice dams, hail, fallen trees and limbs have caused damage to your roof shingles or siding we can discuss your options for repair or replacement of your roof and siding. We are here to help you.

To learn more about our storm damage restoration services and what we can do for you, just give Phil Beaulieu & Sons Home Improvement, Inc a call at 413-529-1498. We also have an online contact form you can fill out to request a Free Consultation

large hailstones shown in hands of a peron

Damaging hailstones

rood damage from hail

Roof shingle damage

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