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Upgrade Your Home With Harvey Windows

Fran Beaulieu

January 24, 2022

At Phil Beaulieu Home Improvement (PBHI), we offer several different types of windows and manufacturers to our customers. Installing replacement windows can give your home a better aesthetic appeal and increase its value instantly once they are installed. However, you should never just go with the cheapest window installation company or products to avoid having problems with your windows later on.

When you work with PBHI, our salesmen will ask you simple questions about your needs to determine the best window manufacturer and type of window to fit your home. Most of the time, we end up installing white vinyl replacement windows because they are practical, cost-effective, and look great. When you decide to purchase white vinyl windows, we almost always recommend Harvey windows.

Why PBHI Loves Offering Harvey Windows To Customers

With any residential home improvement job, PBHI wants to offer great quality products with the best warranties available. That’s one of the biggest reasons why we often recommend Harvey replacement windows to customers. Harvey windows offer consistently high-quality products and they are easy to install, which saves customers on labor costs. They also operate very easily without the need to do a lot of tweaking during the window installation process.

Another major reason why we love using these windows is because Harvey upgraded PBHI to a Harvey Elite dealer. By being a Harvey Elite dealer, we can offer a true lifetime warranty to our customers on the frame, glass, and all working parts. Any other companies offering Harvey products in the area are only allowed to offer a 20-year warranty on the glass.

The lifetime warranty process is simple when you buy Harvey windows from PBHI. If you have a problem with the window within the first five years of the window installation, simply take a picture of the warranty sticker on the window and send it to our office. We will then order the replacement part and send our carpentry manager to fix it once the part arrives.

If you experience any issues after five years, the warranty process is tweaked slightly. Customers will need to bring the damaged sash of the window into our office for a free repair. If the customer is unable to do so, then we can send a professional to do it for a service fee, but the replacement part is always free.

Harvey Window Product Lines

Harvey Slimline Windows

The Harvey Classic windows are a step up from the Slimline windows and offer the best overall value out of the Harvey product line. Customers who purchase the Classic windows are often planning to stay in their current home for several more years. It’s the most popular window PBHI installs because it offers great energy efficiency and exceeds North East Energy Star standards. The Classic windows also allow for more flexibility for customers and they can add paint, foam-filled sashes, and triple-glazed glass. Customers like the locking tabs for the half-screens on the double-hung windows, which is not available in the Slimline products.

Harvey Tribute Windows

The Harvey Tribute windows are not quite as popular as the Classic line, but the quality and price are slightly higher than the Classics. Customers who purchase Tribute replacement windows are often looking for a premium vinyl window. This line offers details like eliminating the tilt-in tabs and incorporating them into the locking mechanisms instead. The right homeowner will appreciate the Harvey Tribute windows since they offer plenty of customization options to suit their specific needs.

Harvey Majesty Windows

The Harvey Majesty windows are the most premium windows we offer at PBHI in the Harvey window line up. Customers who purchase these replacement windows are often looking for the interior of the window to be real wood, while maintaining a maintenance-free exterior. The Majesty line offers various aluminum-clad colors to provide the perfect exterior aesthetics customers are looking for. And for the interior parts of the windows, they offer a clear pine that can be painted or stained or a white interior to match virtually any style customers have in their homes. Everything from the lift rail handles to the jamb liner color and everything in between can be customized with the Harvey Majesty windows.

Other Windows PBHI Recommends

While Harvey replacement windows are by far the most popular PBHI sells, other options are available for the right customers as well. The Great Lakes windows by Plygem are premium vinyl windows that allow for the insides of the windows to match the interior of the home precisely. These windows also come with an outstanding lifetime warranty no matter which of the many customization options customers choose.

Some of the other manufacturers we use are Andersen and Pella. These offer a quality line of products as well, which our PBHI salesmen can explain to customers if they have a specific interest in these manufacturers.

Schedule A Window Consultation With PBHI Today

We look forward to working with you on any residential home improvement project, including window installation. Be sure to contact us today to schedule a free window consultation and give your home the upgrade it deserves.

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