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What You Need To Know About Siding Products

Fran Beaulieu

December 22, 2021

Starting a residential siding home improvement project takes a lot of time, effort, and thought. Not only do you have to choose from various colors and styles, but you also have to consider the overall quality of materials and the workmanship from the siding company you hire. The top two companies Phil Beaulieu & Sons Home Improvement works with are Mastic and CertainTeed. With these, homeowners have multiple color options, as well as more durable panels, a better wind warranty, and more. Here are some other details about Mastic and CertainTeed siding products so you can gain a better understanding of why we recommend them to our customers.

Why We Trust Mastic And CertainTeed

Phil Beaulieu & Sons Home Improvement trusts Mastic and CertainTeed for many reasons. We would never offer subpar materials to our customers, these are two well-known products and companies that are commonly used across the country. What sets them apart is the research and development they do to ensure their products remain at the top of the industry standards.

As a homeowner undergoing a siding repair or replacement project, Mastic and CertainTeed both offer a wide range of color choices. Many of their products also offer a wood grain appearance that looks very comparable to natural wood. The clapboard-style panels offered by both companies are some of the most popular products.

Other things to consider with your exterior home improvement project include textures and styles to improve the aesthetics. Mastic and CertainTeed offer many different textures and styles, like D4 and D5 clapboard, Dutchlap, board and batten, and other textures like shake (cape cod) style siding.

Mastic And CertainTeed Offer Stellar Customer Service

Phil Beaulieu & Sons’ Mastic and CertainTeed siding representatives look out for our customers and are always available should any issues arise. This is extremely important for exterior home improvement projects, especially siding replacement projects. Other companies who don’t care for their customers as much might not be available if an issue arises, which can lead to significant delays in completing the exterior home improvement project or dealing with warranty issues.

Lower quality brands and products also don’t stand behind their materials nearly as much as Mastic and CertainTeed. Since they don’t spend as much time on research and development, their products are not going to stand the test of time and weather over the years of being on the homeowner’s home. This is not the case with Mastic and CertainTeed. They want to ensure every customer is satisfied with their product and always look for ways to improve their products to push the industry forward. With these qualities, it’s easy to see why Mastic and CertainTeed have been around for a long time and are industry leaders.

Types Of Siding Products Used By Mastic And CertainTeed

Now let’s get into the types of products used by Mastic and CertainTeed you can choose for your residential siding home improvement project. Those products include:

  • Mastic - all Mastic siding products include a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which includes excess color fading beyond normal weathering. Some of the top Mastic products include:
    • Ovation: Good
      • Thickness: .042”
      • Wind Velocity: Up to 178 mph
    • Quest: Best
      • Thickness: .046”
      • Wind Velocity: Up to 190 mph
    • Board and Batten: Premium
      • Thickness: .048”
      • Wind Velocity: Up to 175 mph
    • Shakes: Premium
      • Thickness: .080
      • Wind Velocity: Up to 190 mph
  • CertainTeed - all CertainTeed Siding includes a Lifetime Limited Warranty, which includes excess color fading beyond normal weathering. Here are some of the top CertainTeed siding products available:

    • Main Street: Good
      • Thickness: .042”
      • Wind Load Pressures: 160 mph
    • Restoration Classic: Better
      • Thickness: .044”
      • Includes .088” fold-over wind-resistant hem
    • Monogram: Best
      • Thickness: .046”
      • Wind Load Pressures: 220 mph
    • Board and Batten: Premium
      • Thickness: .052” on the 7” profile or .048” on the 8” profile
      • Maximum Wind Speed: 225 mph (ULT) for the 7” profile or 211 mph (ULT) for the 8” profile
    • Shakes: Premium
      • Thickness: .050"
      • Maximum Wind Speed: 235 mph (ULT) for the 7” Perfection

Phil Beaulieu & Sons Home Improvement doesn’t use the Quest or Monogram panels as much as the Ovation and Main Street panels simply because of the thickness of the panels. There is a common misconception that the thicker the panel is, the better it will be when it comes to wind warranty and overall quality. However, there is such a thing as being too thick to the point where it makes the seams and the butts of the siding much more noticeable and less attractive as a result. With that being said, we will use these products if the homeowner has a specific color in mind that is only available in these lines of siding.

We usually do not offer the lowest level of siding from either company to our customers unless they are specifically requested. But if homeowners are on a budget and are satisfied with limited color options, then we will educate them as much as possible on the budget options so they can make an informed decision. Both Mastic and CertainTeed offer other lines of siding not listed above, which we may be able to obtain by the homeowner’s request. However, these products are the most commonly used in the area due to quality, durability, and aesthetics.

Tando Products Have Unique Uses

We also use Tando brand products for exterior home improvement projects. Products offered by Tando include:

  • Stacked Stone
  • Creek Ledgestone
  • Beach House Shake
  • Tando Shake

We usually use Tando products on certain sections of the home rather than for the entire siding replacement project. These products are great for adding unique textures and tones to boost a home’s curb appeal. It’s common today to select specific areas of the front of the home to have a different texture than the rest. Many times homeowners will choose to pick a front gable wall or the peak of the wall from the returns up to do a shake-style siding. It’s also common to create a stone look on their front porch or even a knee wall going across the front of the home. These Tando products allow homeowners to be creative with their exterior home improvement projects and personalize their homes.

Our Customers Deserve Quality Products And Service

The products we use for our residential siding home improvement projects are tried and true throughout the industry. Phil Beaulieu & Sons Home Improvement has been doing vinyl siding for more than 50 years, so we can separate high-quality products from low-quality products. What truly sets our company apart is the honest advice we provide, the methods we use to install products, how we stand behind our workmanship, our responsiveness, and the pride we take in being part of a great team.

Our customers mean everything to us, we strive to make our team better at what we do every single day and we never stop improving. We would love to work with you on your exterior home improvement project, so contact us today to get a free quote.

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