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Why Do Windows Sweat in the Fall

Fran Beaulieu

October 6, 2022

Have you ever experienced your windows sweating during the fall months when the temperatures drop outside? This is a common issue many homeowners face, but the good news is there’s a valid explanation of why it occurs. It might take a little investigating to determine exactly what the cause is in your situation, though. But when you talk with an experienced window installation expert, they will likely be able to point you in the right direction. Here’s what you need to know about window condensation, when it’s a cause for concern, and what you can do to prevent it.

How And Why Window Sweating Occurs

Most of the time, window sweating is a result of too much humidity in the home. When it’s cooler outside than it is in your home, humidity tends to gravitate toward cooler surfaces. And since cooler air doesn’t hold nearly as much moisture as warmer air, it will appear in the form of condensation on your windows.

A residential home improvement expert will caution you about adding more moisture to indoor air than necessary to prevent window sweating. Every time you cook, wash and dry clothes, shower, or do other daily activities, you’re adding moisture to the air. You likely don’t think twice about it during the warmer months, but you might notice excessive window condensation when doing those activities during the fall and winter. Of course, you can’t simply refrain from participating in those activities, but there are other steps you can take to reduce window sweating.

Should You Be Concerned With Your Windows Sweating?

Any window installation expert will warn you to never overlook window condensation issues. When condensation develops on windows, it can drip down onto the windowsills and cause mold development, wood rot, and other issues. This can lead to poor indoor air quality year-round, so it’s important to have a quality contractor help you identify the root cause.

Now, just because a couple of your windows have condensation on them randomly doesn’t mean you need new window installation immediately. However, it’s worth paying attention to so you know which situations lead to the most condensation. You will know a problem needs to be addressed when your windows are always sweating even when you aren’t doing things like cooking. Or if condensation stays on the windows when the temperature rises outside.

The biggest concern you should have with your windows is if condensation develops between the panes. This is an indicator of window seal failure, so you’ll likely need a window installation expert to evaluate them. Sometimes repairs will fix the issue, but many times a complete window replacement is required when a window seal has failed.

Improve Ventilation Inside Your Home

A great tip for reducing condensation on your windows is to improve ventilation inside your home. Any time you shower or cook, be sure to turn on your exhaust fans and let them run for several minutes after you are done. You could also crack some of your windows throughout the home while your vents are on to pull in fresh air from the outside.

Reduce Or Eliminate Sources Of Moisture

Reducing or eliminating sources of moisture is one of the best ways you can reduce window sweating. Unless you need them for health purposes, turn off any humidifiers in the home during the fall and winter. You could even consider operating a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture. Other sources of indoor moisture include:

  • Firewood
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Air-drying clothing
  • Plants

You might experience an improvement in window sweating the more you reduce these sources from your home.

Upgrade To Insulated Windows

If you have single-pane windows in your home, chances are they will sweat easily. The reason is because there’s no insulation between the exterior and interior, so the window will be much colder on the inside of the home. Your window installation expert will likely advise you to upgrade to double-pane windows to improve any window condensation issues you’re experiencing. Most of the time homeowners are fighting an uphill battle with condensation on single-pane windows.

Other Tips On Reducing Window Sweat

The main thing to do as a homeowner is to try different things to identify the primary reason why your windows are sweating. If you have double-pane windows and still experience excessive condensation, you likely have some type of ventilation issue.

Adding weatherstripping around doors and windows can help so warm air isn’t drawn to your windows more than it has to be.

Another tip to consider is leaving your blinds and curtains open in the winter so warm air doesn’t get trapped behind them. And if you have interior window screens, consider removing them to allow for better airflow. If all else fails, a residential home improvement contractor can help you identify problem areas and make suggestions to help.

Beaulieu Home Improvement believes quality windows can solve a lot of problems for your home. In addition to improving your home’s curb appeal, quality windows can keep your home insulated, reduce energy consumption, and eliminate excessive window sweating. Our window installation experts can evaluate your windows and help determine which options are best for your home. We will work with you to find solutions to fit your needs and budget and we are always ready to answer any questions you have.

It starts with a free consultation with one of our window installation experts, so contact us today to learn more.

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