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4 Reasons Why Gutters Are Necessary on Your Home

Fran Beaulieu

September 6, 2022

Rain gutters serve many purposes for homes. Still, too many homeowners don’t believe they are necessary. A couple of common reasons why people don’t like to add gutters are because they can be costly and they don’t like the look of them. But when you think about it, gutters can save you a lot of money in the long run by preventing damage and maintenance. And if you choose an experienced residential home improvement contractor, your gutters can blend into your home seamlessly. Here are four important reasons why you should consider installing gutters on your home.

Prevent Water Damage To Exterior Components Of Your Home

A quality contractor should be able to see immediately whether you have any water damage due to the absence of gutters. Some of the signs can include cracks and stains on the walls and siding, which are simply due to constant water exposure. A residential roofing contractor might also take a look behind your siding to inspect for water damage. The more these components are exposed to water, the quicker they will deteriorate and need to be replaced.

Having gutters to funnel water away from your home’s exterior can also benefit your interior space. If water puddles up around the foundation, it can seep into cracks leading to your basement and potentially cause damage. Another potential problem is if water seeps into your walls. If this happens, mold can grow quickly and spread rapidly. Mold remediation can be very expensive and time-consuming, not to mention hazardous to your health. It’s best to get ahead of the problem by having a residential home improvement expert install gutters to control the flow of water.

Keep Your Foundation Stable

One of the top reasons why home foundations have problems is because of loose soil. This loose soil is often caused by water pooling too much around the base of the home as a result of not having gutters. A quality home improvement contractor will recommend installing gutters to ensure water flows away from the home safely. Foundation repair can be very expensive, which makes gutter installation seem like a no-brainer when comparing costs.

Avoid Waterfalls At Your Front Door

Have you ever experienced a waterfall outside your front door during heavy rains? This is common for homeowners without gutters. Installing gutters can make a huge difference and keep you dry as you go in and out of your home during a rainstorm. Think about if you’ve ever come home with groceries when it’s raining, only to have to sit in your car until it stops raining because of the waterfall obstacle at your door. Or even if you do get out, you might have a pool of water to cross on your front porch. This is unnecessary when a quality contractor installs a gutter system. The water will be caught and diverted to another area on the perimeter of your home so you can enter safely and as dry as possible.

Maintain A Neat Look For Your Home

Even if you’re worried about how gutters will look on your home, consider how your home looks without them currently. Rainwater can create a sloppy mess on your siding, fascia board, windows, landscaping, and more. If you don’t clean the dirt and residue off shortly after the rain, it could lead to staining or decaying and cause even more problems. You will still need to clean your gutters when you install them, but they are much easier and less time-consuming to clean compared to the entire exterior of your home.

Gutters also help maintain a neat look for your home by keeping landscaping in place. When water pools or runs out of your flower beds, dirt, mulch, rocks, and more can go with it. This can damage your plants and vegetation and cause you to have to replace your landscaping more often than you should have to. Easily divert the flow of water with gutters so it runs into your lawn without causing problems.

Rely On Professionals For Gutter Installation

Hiring a quality residential home improvement expert for gutter installation is essential. Gutters are a great investment for your home, but only if they work properly. DIY experts might think it’s a simple project they can tackle on their own one weekend. And while it’s possible, chances are the gutters won’t function as effectively as they could if a quality contractor installed them. Professionals know exactly how to secure them safely and test them to ensure water flows how it should before they leave. And once your professional installation is complete, you will only have to perform routine maintenance on them for years to come.

Beaulieu Home Improvement enjoys helping homeowners have neat, clean, and safe homes to live in. Gutters are often viewed as aesthetic enhancements, but their functionality is even more important. If you plan on living in your home for a long time, protect your investment by installing a complete gutter system. But even if you plan on selling your home, installing gutters can make it a more attractive option for potential home buyers.

When you start noticing water pooling up or running swiftly around the base of your home, it’s time to call a residential home improvement expert. Our team will provide a free evaluation and cost estimate, along with an explanation of how a gutter system will benefit your home. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time and we look forward to improving your home.


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