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Enhance The Elegance And Beauty Of Your Home With New Patio Doors

Fran Beaulieu

February 25, 2022

Whether you spend a lot of time on your patio or not, the appearance of your patio door impacts the aesthetics of the inside and outside of your home. If you’re considering a residential home improvement project soon, take a close look at your patio door and examine whether it’s time for a patio door replacement.

Does your current patio door match the wood grain in your home? Or does it simply function as a way to get in and out without any regard for aesthetics? A simple patio door replacement can go a long way in achieving the look you’re aiming for with your home. Instead of being just a door, it can truly be the focal point of your patio.

Why It’s Time To Upgrade Your Patio Door

Many homeowners don’t think about their patio door much since it’s often not at the front of their home. However, you deserve to love the appearance of your home inside and out, and a patio door replacement can enhance the aesthetics more than you think. Whether you want to upgrade to a more modern look or keep a traditional feel, there are plenty of patio door options available for you. At PBHI, we have access to many different brands and styles, and we’ve explained them for you here.

Harvey Patio Doors Are The Most Popular

When homeowners are looking for a patio door replacement, the most popular brand selection is Harvey. These patio doors are easily the common choice because they offer an outstanding value for homeowners and have the right number of size and panel options. Having white on both sides of the patio door is also a common choice among homeowners, and this is a standard feature of Harvey patio doors.

The Harvey Vinyl Patio Door is a great choice for people who want a common white color with the option of other exterior colors. You can fit virtually any door opening since this patio door is available in both custom and standard sizes. It also has three different glass package options your PBHI sales representative will explain to you so you can decide based on your needs. And with four grid styles and screen types available, you can find the exact aesthetics you want with your patio door. Finally, homeowners can even choose among five different hardware color options to put the finishing touches on the door.

The Harvey Majesty Patio Door comes in both hinged and gliding options. Homeowners who choose a sliding patio door from Harvey will enjoy a smooth operation due to the adjustability of the ball-bearing rollers. These low-maintenance patio doors come with a durable aluminum exterior and a real wood interior to create a natural and elegant aesthetic inside your home. They are also available with a multipoint lock if you desire extra security, or a standard handle lock. A residential home improvement project will be complete with any Harvey patio door you choose.

Great Lakes Offers Premium Vinyl Patio Doors

If you’re in the market for a sliding patio door, Great Lakes offers a premium vinyl option. PBHI recommends this product to homeowners who want a vinyl patio door with an excellent warranty and has a woodgrain look to match the rest of their home. Other outstanding features of the Great Lakes sliding patio door include:

  • A secure locking system that locks at three critical points, in addition to the option to add a foot bolt for more security
  • Fiberglass threshold provides better efficiency and high-quality durability
  • Ease of opening and closing with the EuroGlide® operating system
  • Wide range of exterior and interior colors to match your home inside and out
  • Multiple door finish handle options
  • Solar blinds and shades to ensure your home stays comfortable
  • Various panel configurations to make your door as simple or as elegant as you choose

Unique Patio Door Options Available With Andersen

Andersen is a high-quality brand when it comes to patio door replacement. We typically recommend this brand to homeowners who want a high-end patio door that features a real wood interior. The unique specifications of Andersen patio doors include:

  • Multiple product lines available (E-Series, A-Series, 400 Series, 200 Series, and 100 Series)
  • Several finish and material options, including wood, composite, vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass
  • Unique hardware options to fit your needs
  • Hinged, sliding, or French patio door options
  • Warranty options based on the patio door chosen

Explore The Simple And High-Quality Options With Pella Patio Doors

When you’re looking for a simple patio door replacement without sacrificing quality, Pella is a brand we often recommend. Some of the notable features about Pella patio doors include:

  • Multiple product lines to choose from depending on your tastes, style, and needs
  • Vinyl, fiberglass, or wood material options
  • The choice among hinged, sliding, bifold, or multi-slide doors
  • Several hardware style and color options available for a true customized patio door replacement
  • Some of the most impressive warranties in the industry

Your Perfect Patio Doors Await At Phil Beaulieu Home Improvement

If your next residential home improvement project includes upgrading your patio doors, then PBHI is here to turn your vision into a reality. With so many different brands, colors, materials, styles, and additional options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to navigate through them alone. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales professionals will listen to your wants and needs and recommend a few different options for you.

Our goal is to make your patio door replacement as seamless as possible, so contact us today to schedule a free quote and be on your way to having the perfect patio door at your home.

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