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Spring Window Cleaning Do’s and Don'ts

Fran Beaulieu

April 30, 2021

Spring cleaning is a seasonal habit of many homeowners. When the cold weather starts to dissipate and the sun peeks through more often, it just feels right to freshen up your home for the warmer part of the season. If you've neglected your home's windows in the past, it's time to add them to your list of spring cleaning to-dos. However, there is a right and wrong way to clean your windows. If you want to avoid having to invest in replacement windows, it's critical to care for them properly. To help get you started in the right direction, we've outlined some spring cleaning do's and don't when it comes to windows. Whether your home recently received a window installation or it had the same windows for years, the rules are relatively the same.

The Do's

Clean your windows routinely.

From the first moment after a window installation, your home's windows are exposed to all the elements from sun-up to sundown. Precipitation in the form of snow, rain, and sleet along with debris flying around from strong winds, can make your once pristinely clean windows extremely dirty. While it's not a big deal if you go a few days without cleaning your windows, stains can start to develop over time. Since glass is porous, grim and dirt can settle in and leave unwanted marks that are hard to get out without investing in replacement windows. Cleaning your windows routinely can help limit these issues and the need for replacement windows.

Hit the windows after cleaning the home.

Any window installation professional will tell you it's a great idea to hit your windows every time you end up cleaning the inside of your home. The old saying "out of sight, out of mind" is really accurate when it comes to cleaning. People are much more likely to vacuum, dust, and mop their home's interior since they have to see it every day. On the other hand, the outside doesn't get near as much attention even if it's necessary. A great way to ensure you're cleaning your windows regularly is to tackle them each time you clean the inside of your home. Even dedicating a short amount of time consistently can help reduce the need for replacement windows - something all homeowners want to avoid.

Stay up to date on local weather patterns.

For homeowners who live in an area of the country with hard water, there's a higher likelihood that hard water deposits will develop. This occurs when tiny bits of minerals begin to collect on your window's glass along with other smooth materials. If you've ever seen white circles or discoloration on the shower door, this is a similar phenomenon. These marks can look unappealing and need to be taken care of with the right tools. If you rush in and try to remove these stubborn water deposits with the wrong equipment or technique, you end up requiring a new window installation. It's best to call a local family-owned home improvement business to ensure the job gets done correctly and efficiently.

Use professional-grade tools.

While it might surprise homeowners, cleaning windows is an involved and intricate process that requires the right tools, equipment, and technique. If you want to maintain the same level of shine and quality that's present on the day of your window installation, you'll need to use professional-grade tools to care for your windows. Microfiber cloths are an essential addition to your window-cleaning kit, and we advise homeowners to have both one for drying and one for cleaning. The advantage of having a microfiber cloth is the fact that it doesn't leave annoying pieces of fuzz all over your windows. In addition, these cloths are much more environmentally friendly than paper towels, which can only be used once or twice at most before being thrown away. A large squeegee is another must-have in your cleaning kit. If you don't have access to professional-quality tools, it's a good idea to hire a professional to clean your windows. You don't have to wait to call a specialist just for replacement windows. They're helpful for many other services.

The Don'ts

While there are many things homeowners should do for the health, longevity, and aesthetics of their windows, there are nearly just as many don'ts that should be acknowledged as well.

Avoid trickier windows.

Some homeowners have an understandable habit of sticking to the lowest-hanging fruit when it comes to cleaning their windows. Whether you have a window that's a little out of arm's reach, sitting behind a big bush or tree, or facing away from the street, you might think it's easier just to skip over these tougher windows. However, if you want your cleaning to be effective, it's important to hit all of your windows. That means even the trickier ones. This is another major advantage to hiring a window installment and family-owned home improvement business with the right tools and knowledge required to give your home a thorough window cleaning. Again, you don't want to end up paying for any replacement windows, even those that were harder to clean.

Rely on rain.

Many homeowners cross their fingers for a rainy day to prevent them from having to go out and clean their windows. While a nice downpour can get rid of larger gunk on your windows, they're still not getting the thorough clean that's necessary. If you want to get them shining as they did on the day of the window installation, you'll need to clean them by hand or by calling a family-owned home improvement business that can handle the job. Call a professional for all of your window needs.

Beaulieu Home Improvement is your local, family-owned home improvement business. Whether you need replacement windows or help to ensure your window installation maintains it’s quality, we have the knowledge and equipment to help. Feel free to give us a call.

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