Roofing Services In Chicopee, MA

When you purchased your home, from the entryways to the cabinets, you invested in a certain look or style that represented who you are. Your roof is an important component because it ultimately protects you, as well as everything you care about inside of your home.

Keeping your roof maintained will help keep your home in excellent shape. From architectural roofing to flat roofing, Phil Beaulieu & Sons Home Improvement offers roofing repair and installation.

Our Roofing Services

Our contractors are trained in roof repair and replacement. We identify trouble spots and fix the source of the problem. Our roofing services include:

  • Roof storm damage repair
  • Inspections
  • Flat roof installation
  • Low-slope roofing

All of our roof installations come with synthetic underlayment, which is 25 times stronger than the leading competitor. It also comes with a 10-year limited warranty at no extra cost, and PBHI offers a lifetime workmanship, roofing streaks, and staining warranty.

Skylight Installation

Whether you’re looking forward to enjoying the natural light of the day or the starry sky at night, PBHI also specializes in skylight installation. We offer four of the Velux skylight models. Solar Powered “Fresh Air” skylights operate with a solar panel that charges an internal battery and control system. Electric “Fresh Air” skylights have a single hard wire that connects to the standard junction box, with a remote to open and close the window. Manual “Fresh Air” models use a control rod to manually open and close the skylight. Finally, fixed skylight windows do not open or close and are used solely for accessory to natural light.

All of our skylight options are energy efficient, and we offer the option to purchase accessories, including darkening blinds. Each of these skylights comes with a 10-year installation and no-leak warranty.

Our Workmanship Warranty

Blustery New England winters can cause snow to accumulate on top of roofs, creating ice dams. The ice dams can begin to cause damage to the shingles which eventually leads to leaking. Our Beaulieu Shield warranty can protect you from unexpected roof damage.

Benefits of PBHI’s Roofing Services

We want to make this process as stress-free as possible, which is why we have on-site roofing supervisors to oversee the project and answer any questions or concerns you have. Phil Beaulieu & Sons Home Improvement, Inc. believes it’s important to offer superb customer service. For more information on our roofing services, assessments, and estimates—contact us today.